Saturday, May 31, 2014

Time to Review

This semester was a lot of things: crazy, fun, jam-packed, and full of amazing people and memories. There is no way I could document every single thing that happened that made this semester what it was, especially in one blog post, so here's a highlight reel of Spring '14.

1. Dancing on Broadway
It is hard to put into words what it feels like to dance in a real theatre on Broadway, with not only an amazing company of dancers but some of my best friends. I have always loved dancing, and while I'm not the best, I feel so good doing it. I really don't think I could have survived this semester without being able to retreat to the studio a few times a week and dance out all my feelings.

2. Working as a Pride Guide
I started out this semester with a job as a campus tour guide, or Pride Guide, leading tours for prospective students and working in the office of admissions. And I love it. This, along with being a French tutor, was my first real job and I had a blast! Having a fun job (with great perks like going to Gala) helped the semester fly by.

#Applyto Hofstra 

3. Editing at The College Tourist
I'm so thankful for the opportunity to work on my editing skills this summer, as well as continuing to work for The College Tourist. I have gone from virtual intern to freelancer to editor in a matter of months! Make sure to follow my weekly roundups of our Global Writer's Network and watch out for a few posts from Korea!

4. Friends Forever
I have grown so close to my group of best friends this year, but this semester we grew even closer. Maybe it was all those late nights in the dance studio or late night pizza parties watching 'Frozen,' but there is no way I could have made it through this semester without the support of these crazy people!

5. Zeta Phi Eta
Probably the biggest event of the year for me was joining Zeta Phi Eta. I had never even heard of Zeta, a pre-professional co-ed fraternity for communications majors, but I am unbelievably thankful that I joined! I love being a part of the Travel Tree, and I can't wait to continue with my position as Merchandising Chair!

I know this is a pretty sappy post and I've used one too many exclamation points, but I really had an incredible semester. There are so many incredible things that happened, and while there were some downsides, as always, they were completely overshadowed by amazing people and amazing memories. I'm excited to see what the fall will bring!

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