Saturday, May 31, 2014

Time to Review

This semester was a lot of things: crazy, fun, jam-packed, and full of amazing people and memories. There is no way I could document every single thing that happened that made this semester what it was, especially in one blog post, so here's a highlight reel of Spring '14.

1. Dancing on Broadway
It is hard to put into words what it feels like to dance in a real theatre on Broadway, with not only an amazing company of dancers but some of my best friends. I have always loved dancing, and while I'm not the best, I feel so good doing it. I really don't think I could have survived this semester without being able to retreat to the studio a few times a week and dance out all my feelings.

2. Working as a Pride Guide
I started out this semester with a job as a campus tour guide, or Pride Guide, leading tours for prospective students and working in the office of admissions. And I love it. This, along with being a French tutor, was my first real job and I had a blast! Having a fun job (with great perks like going to Gala) helped the semester fly by.

#Applyto Hofstra 

3. Editing at The College Tourist
I'm so thankful for the opportunity to work on my editing skills this summer, as well as continuing to work for The College Tourist. I have gone from virtual intern to freelancer to editor in a matter of months! Make sure to follow my weekly roundups of our Global Writer's Network and watch out for a few posts from Korea!

4. Friends Forever
I have grown so close to my group of best friends this year, but this semester we grew even closer. Maybe it was all those late nights in the dance studio or late night pizza parties watching 'Frozen,' but there is no way I could have made it through this semester without the support of these crazy people!

5. Zeta Phi Eta
Probably the biggest event of the year for me was joining Zeta Phi Eta. I had never even heard of Zeta, a pre-professional co-ed fraternity for communications majors, but I am unbelievably thankful that I joined! I love being a part of the Travel Tree, and I can't wait to continue with my position as Merchandising Chair!

I know this is a pretty sappy post and I've used one too many exclamation points, but I really had an incredible semester. There are so many incredible things that happened, and while there were some downsides, as always, they were completely overshadowed by amazing people and amazing memories. I'm excited to see what the fall will bring!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Fort Worth

I always say I'm from Dallas, even though I live in the suburbs (I don't want to get New Yorkers too confused), but I often forget about Fort Worth, a big city all its own that is just as close. I once had a professor who, when I said I lived in the suburbs, asked, "Fort Worth?" and I slowly had to explain that Fort Worth is definitely not a suburb, it's a city completely separate from Dallas.

One of my friends is interning in Fort Worth over the summer, so I found myself there for the second time in 2 weeks for lunch and a little exploring.

Our first stop, same as last week, was the amazing Velvet Taco. If you didn't already know I am obsessed with Mexican food and I gorge myself on it before I go back to New York, where I am deprived all semester. Velvet Taco has the craziest combinations with every kind of meat or topping you could want.

I had to stop and pose for a few pictures in front of this taco-themed mural that runs along the side of the building. I didn't even notice it last time!

I went with the rotisserie chicken (left) and the bacon frittata (right), which has an egg layered inside the tortilla, with all the toppings (which included bacon, potatoes, and peppers) inside the egg!

Our next stop after lunch was the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. I don't really care for modern art but I always love the buildings they're housed in. The museum is built of huge, steel-and-glass boxes that look out on a pond and garden with more sculptures and a view that makes you forget you're in the middle of the city.

Isn't this view incredible? I was more interested in the grounds than the art itself. 

With more time to kill, we crossed the street to visit the Kimbell Art Museum, which is more my style (think Van Gogh and Goya as opposed to Pollack and Warhol). Confession: last week when I was in Fort Worth I went to the Kimbell by myself and it was perfect. What else was I supposed to do? I had driven all the way there I might as well do something! There's something about going to a museum by yourself- you can look at what you want to, skip exhibits you don't care about, and move at your own pace without worrying about anyone else. But I also love going with friends!

For anyone in DFW this summer I highly recommend checking out the new addition to the Kimbell which currently houses their new Samurai exhibit. I went last week and loved it- they have a huge room full of complete samurai armor, individual helmets, and other artifacts from the period. I will definitely be back this winter when the Kimbell hosts another Impressionist exhibit!

I'm not sure what this massive metal, spiraled tower is supposed to be but our voices echoed inside!

The Kimbell also has a courtyard that connects both buildings, with a little orchard, two long reflecting pools and a huge lawn. It was a beautiful day just made for taking pictures!

Most of the photo credits go to Lidia- we've been friends since the 6th grade!

Outfit details: Shirt, Ross. Skirt, Francesca's (old, here in red and navy). Shoes, Antonio Melani (old, similar). Necklace, Francesca's (old). Earrings, Vintage. Bag, vintage Coach- you can now buy it as part of the Coach Classics collection! My dad bought it for my mom years ago, and she passed it down to me.

I hope everyone enjoyed the post, I know I enjoyed my day exploring Fort Worth! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

What to Wear: Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Since everyone seems to be headed to a cookout, bbq, party, or parade today, I thought I'd put together a few outfit suggestions in case you are at an utter loss (like me) over what to wear.

While this post is specifically for Memorial Day, most of these outfits can carry you through all your summer soirees. Side note: I am very new to Polyvore, so I'm not too sure of how these look but I'm working on trying out new things for the blog!

1. Nautical
I've seen a lot of red, white and blue looks for Memorial Day so here is my take on it, with two different options for shoes. Since summer means outdoor parties, heels or fancy flats don't always mix with grass, so sometimes a classic pair of Converse can complete your outfit (switch the pearls for something a little less dressy if you go with Converse).


2. Tropical
This outfit is pretty much all J. Crew, but I love all the bright colors and patterns, especially paired with a white tank and metallic sandals to pull it all together. If you haven't noticed, I'm a fan of maybe overdoing it when it comes to accessories and bright colors, but you can't stop me! If you're scared of 'too much,' skip the statement necklace and swap the earrings for a pair of studs to tone things down.

J. Crew

3. Blue Lilly
I love a good Lilly dress for the summer! This ensemble is pretty much all my favorite things put together, and has all the preppy essentials- Lilly, monograms, pearls, Jacks, and a classic Tory. I definitely plan on recreating looks like this all summer with my Lilly dresses!

Blue Lilly

4. Get Wild
I am in LOVE with this skirt, and the crazy, 3-D print and wild colors are something you can only wear during the summer. 

5. Red White and Lilly
I'm a sucker for a cute phone case, especially if it matches my outfit! I have certainly been accused of being too 'matchy-matchy' but my obsession is still going strong. I love this toned-down Lilly dress paired with the jelly Jack Rogers sandals to keep everything casual. 

Red White and Lilly

I hope you enjoyed this little fashion post! If you want to see more outfit suggestions for any occasion, let me know! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hamptons Round 2

I am so, so, soooo behind on blogging! After heading to the Hamptons with my mom before Easter, Lydia and I decided to head out again just before the end of school. It was a bit overcast and chilly, but that kept away any city folk who wanted to venture out to their beach houses a little early. Southampton was empty and quiet, making a perfect New England backdrop.

Our first stop was breakfast (as usual we think about food first) at a cute little cafe, the Golden Pear, which we later found out has several other cafes sprinkled around the east end of the island. I've never been so happy to have fresh fruit, an omelet, a bagel, and coffee- that's how you know you've been in college too long. 

The Southampton Town Hall, which now houses a Pottery Barn. I really love the mix of old and new, with the original building and title, but then a little taste of modern day with the storefront peeking out between the columns. 

Doesn't this just look picture-perfect? It's like a movie set. 


This door, the awning, and flower boxes were all the brightest shade of coral you could imagine. 

The Ralph Lauren store has an extra entrance, where you walk through this garden and come to a courtyard, where there is a back entrance to the full store as well as a separate store for menswear. I think every store should have a cute little garden entrance. 

Side note: Lydia and I are obsessed with French bulldogs. When we peeked into Haute Hippie, we heard a weird noise and the woman said, "My dog is behind the counter." When we told her we didn't mind, this little nugget came trotting out and major squealing ensued. I didn't even look at anything in the store I was too busy playing with this cutie!

I wish I could get back to New York for the summer season, but I think I almost prefer the Hamptons when they're empty and not full of tourists and city dwellers!