Friday, April 25, 2014

Links I Love

If you're looking for a little weekend reading/entertainment, you're in luck! I've put together a few things that are on my radar this week and what I can't stop obsessing over.

1. Prince George's Royal Tour: I cannot get enough of Prince George!! I've been obsessed with Will and Kate since before their engagement (I held a royal tea party to watch their wedding- hats required), and their royal tour of New Zealand and Australia this month is a dream come true for royal watchers. As soon as they stepped off the plane I haven't been able to get enough pictures, gifs, and videos of the little prince in his adorable outfits, as well as his gorgeous mom. We should all aspire to be as classy as Kate!

2. Don Draper is Constipated: I am a huge Mad Men fan, and this Tumblr is devoted to pictures of Don, completely out of context, where he looks constipated!! I spent a solid ten minutes laughing to myself while scrolling through. Sometimes Jon Hamm really does look...well...uncomfortable!

3. Summer in Lilly: As summer approaches, Lilly's got a few rules for summer parties, especially if you plan on crashing! Number 1? Always wear your brightest printed dress! The full list of party rules can be found here. I am also super excited about the new Lilly summer collection! I'll take one of everything, please.

4. Kurt Vonnegut's Letter: I stumbled across this a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to put it up on the blog! A few years ago, some NYC high school students asked author Kurt Vonnegut to speak at their school. Instead, he sent this incredibly inspiring letter, read aloud and acted out by the students. I'm new to the Vonnegut fan club- I read Slaughterhouse Five last summer (it's a great little book for commuting on the train every day), and found it intriguing. What Vonnegut book should I read next?

5. Life Graphs: Confession, I stole this from The College Prepster but it was too good to resist. These 33 graphs represent various aspects of life (such as your knowledge of driving after your test or 'The McDonald's Curve'), in a hilarious and painfully accurate way. 

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