Sunday, June 1, 2014


It's June, which means summer is in full swing! I can't express how happy I am to be home for the summer, after what was an absolutely insane semester. Yesterday I reflected on just a few of the amazing things that have happened in just a few short months, and now that I've looked into the past I'm looking at the future!

So to start off this month, I've gathered a few things I'm looking forward to this summer and beyond.

1. Korea
I am so, so, SO excited for Korea! I talked to Lydia yesterday and every time I think about it I get more excited. I never even thought about visiting Korea, and as a result I have no idea what we are going to do, so Lydia is in charge. This will be a whole new adventure and I'm ready for it! You can expect a flurry of blog posts while I'm there and once I return, as well as a few posts on The College Tourist.

2. Reading
During the semester, I rarely have time to read for pleasure (the major downside to being a political science major), so breaks mean I can actually read what I want to. Unfortunately, I have always had a terrible habit of reading multiple books at once. I just can't wait to finish one before picking up another! Right now, I'm currently making my way through Argo and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Number 3 in the Millenium Trilogy). But I have a very, very large stack of books waiting to be cracked open. Stay tuned for my summer reading list!

3. Amsterdam
I'm still getting used to saying, "I'll be in Amsterdam next spring...for the whole semester." I've known for two weeks and it still hasn't quite set in. Thank goodness I'm going in the spring and not the fall, I would go crazy with the stress of planning it all! I have 7 months and 26 days until I move in, and while that may seem like a long time I have a feeling this summer and the fall semester will fly by until I find myself at Schiphol Airport in January. I have a lot of details to work out, like my housing, class schedule, and, most importantly, everything that I want to do and see while I'm there! I already have an Amsterdam board on Pinterest, as my Travel board just wasn't enough.

4. Spending time with friends
Going to school in New York is amazing, but it also means I can't see my old friends as often as I want. A lot of people I know at Hofstra always say things like, "I'm not friends with people from high school," or, "I don't have any friends when I go home," and this amazes me. Sure, there are people I don't talk to anymore, but the people I was really, really close with in high school are the people I still hang out with now! My two best friends have been close with me since 6th grade, and my entire high school group still hangs out on a regular basis when we're all at least in the same state. Being apart from the whole group is hard, as we're spread out all across Texas, New York, California, and, in the case of one of my friends, Peru for two years. But we've made it work and exactly two years after graduation (which is insane!!!), we all still love to see each other!

All the girls...

And one with Reece!

These are just the major things I'm looking forward to, but I'm sure this is going to be a great summer!

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