Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hamptons Round 2

I am so, so, soooo behind on blogging! After heading to the Hamptons with my mom before Easter, Lydia and I decided to head out again just before the end of school. It was a bit overcast and chilly, but that kept away any city folk who wanted to venture out to their beach houses a little early. Southampton was empty and quiet, making a perfect New England backdrop.

Our first stop was breakfast (as usual we think about food first) at a cute little cafe, the Golden Pear, which we later found out has several other cafes sprinkled around the east end of the island. I've never been so happy to have fresh fruit, an omelet, a bagel, and coffee- that's how you know you've been in college too long. 

The Southampton Town Hall, which now houses a Pottery Barn. I really love the mix of old and new, with the original building and title, but then a little taste of modern day with the storefront peeking out between the columns. 

Doesn't this just look picture-perfect? It's like a movie set. 


This door, the awning, and flower boxes were all the brightest shade of coral you could imagine. 

The Ralph Lauren store has an extra entrance, where you walk through this garden and come to a courtyard, where there is a back entrance to the full store as well as a separate store for menswear. I think every store should have a cute little garden entrance. 

Side note: Lydia and I are obsessed with French bulldogs. When we peeked into Haute Hippie, we heard a weird noise and the woman said, "My dog is behind the counter." When we told her we didn't mind, this little nugget came trotting out and major squealing ensued. I didn't even look at anything in the store I was too busy playing with this cutie!

I wish I could get back to New York for the summer season, but I think I almost prefer the Hamptons when they're empty and not full of tourists and city dwellers! 

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