Saturday, May 16, 2015

Throwback to Drøbak

Guys I am really proud of that caption so please humor me. Even though our trip to Norway was only 3 weeks ago (!!!) it feels like forever! This semester is really flying by, I leave in just over 3 weeks! So, I have to bust out a few more posts from all my weekend trips before I head home!

As I mentioned yesterday, we only spent Friday morning in Oslo; since we felt we had exhausted the major tourist sites, we wanted to get out of town and discover a little more of Norway. This makes the best trips- I would not have enjoyed Ireland if we had just done Dublin, but since we made our way to the Cliffs we got to see a large section of the country and drove coast to coast. It's good to get out of the busy, touristy cities and see smaller, more local spots.

That's how we ended up in Drøback, Norway. After scouring the Internet for nearby places, Tori found Drøback, which is most famous for it's Santa house. Yes, they have a Santa/Christmas-themed house and post office open year-round. I thought Tori was going to have a heart attack, so we hopped on a city bus for the hour ride to Drøback, and we were not disappointed!


After stocking up on a few stocking stuffers (it's never too early to shop for Christmas, right??) we headed next door to Santa's Post Office, where you are greeted by this...attendant?

Don't worry, the human attendants are less scary!

At the post office, which doubles as an adorable little shop selling both Christmas and non-Christmas wares, you can send post-cards from Santa's house, and they will even hold the cards until December and then send them out!

Since most of the village started to close down around 5, we wandered around and ended up stumbling upon this amazing view of the Oslo fjord.

Drøback is south of Oslo, and is located on a very narrow section of the fjord, just before it widens out. Therefore, you get these stunning views and you can clearly see to the other side of the fjord. 

Tori you did this to yourself...

Yes, those are raindrops in the photo- it started to pour as we were walking along the fjord but that didn't stop us!

Tori made a few friends at the harbor.

I think it's safe to say that we both fell in love with Drøback, and I would love to return in the summer when it's a little warmer and again at Christmas to visit the Julehuis!

I did not expect our trip to run this way, but I am so glad we got out of Oslo for a few hours (even if we did end up hopelessly lost in a residential part of the village for a few hours in the rain...). We soon hopped back on the bus to head to Stockholm, so stay tuned!


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