Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday's Tips and Tricks: Summer Plans

Starting today, every Tuesday I will be posting Tips and Tricks, giving advice on anything and everything! You can look back and see my last Tips and Tricks post about what to wear to an interview. For this week, I wanted to put together a list of what to do this summer!

Right now, like most people, I have no plans for summer. As much as I would love to lounge by the pool for three months, I am exploring other options. So, here are a few things you can do this summer!

  1. Get an internship. I know, I know, everyone is telling you to get an internship at every opportunity. But really, summer is the best time to intern- you don't have to worry about classes, your on-campus job, or keeping up with extra-curriculars since you are completely free! And, while the intern pilgrimage to New York City that occurs every summer isn't an option for everyone (NYC is expensive!), try looking for an internship in your home town. Even if you live in a small town away from major business, see if your local newspaper needs an intern or your parents' offices are looking for extra help! If you are worried about not having an internship, check out this great article from TeenVogue on why you really shouldn't freak out! Here is another fantastic TeenVogue list of 5 things to do instead of interning this summer!
  2. Get a job. Part-time positions in the summer become more valuable than the Holy Grail. As thousands of college students flock back to their hometowns, stores and restaurants become inundated with applicants. But don't be discouraged by your competition; apply for as many jobs as you can, you'll get a call eventually! Even if you're just babysitting to make extra money, it's something
  3. Study Abroad. Check with your university to see what study abroad programs they offer in the summer, or even look at spending a semester abroad! If you go with the school your scholarship usually counts, or you can apply for outside grants through other programs. You'll never have an opportunity like this again, so give it a thought!
  4. Travel. If you want the experience but don't want to worry about taking classes, try traveling by yourself! Get a group of friends together and backpack around Europe, or even just take a roadtrip to another state. Either way, get out there.
Whether you're working as an intern for NBC or waiting tables at the local diner back home, make the most of your summers in college. Because once you graduate, those three months disappear and are lost to your job! 

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