Sunday, March 16, 2014

El Centro and Central Park: Part 2

I'm finally getting around to finishing up my blog posts about our trip to Central Park last week! Now there will be a little bit of New York wedged in amongst my LA posts.

I have always loved Central Park, and as touristy as it is sometimes I really love being able to escape into a beautiful green space while still seeing skyscrapers poking up over the trees. The weather that day was absolutely incredible, and we all soon shed our winter coats and shoes. You know you are getting used to Northern weather when 50 degrees seems 'warm.'

I honestly could not live without these girls and they have made this year an incredible one. 

Unfortunately, Sheep Meadow was closed, so we made our way to an open space just next to the meadow.

There were puppies everywhere!! If its one thing I love it's being run over by adorable little dogs. 

Look at these cuties!

I love these girls more than I can possibly put into words. 

I had a wonderful, perfect day in the park with my best friends. I'm so grateful for the wonderful friends I have at Hofstra.

An absolutely perfect day. 
Outfit details: Sweater, Kensie. Vest, Ross. Boots, Target. Necklace, Sam Moon. Sunglasses, H&M. 

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