Tuesday, March 11, 2014

El Centro and Central Park: Part 1

I never realized those two names were so similar until I typed out the title of this post! We have been blessed the past couple of days with beautiful weather here in New York, so I headed into the city Saturday with some of my best friends. We went to lunch at the cutest little Mexican restaurant near Columbus Circle, called El Centro. As a Texan, I desperately miss Mexican food when I'm in New York- it's so hard to find. Luckily, my cravings were satisfied.

The tables are all made out of bottle caps with these little metal objects in the center and covered in glass. I love fun, interesting decor in restaurants. 

This entire wall (this picture only shows about half) is a giant peg board covered in little colorful metal objects just like in the table. 

These chicken enchiladas were huge and amazing. I split them with Lydia and one was enough for me!

Clearly we were hungry.

Check back later for photos from our excursion into Central Park!

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