Wednesday, October 1, 2014

On the Farm

I'm baaaaack!!! This has been an absolutely crazy month, with non-stop, back-to-back events, between commuting to the city twice a week for my internship, classes, Zeta stuff, Homecoming, and Clarissa visiting!! This weekend will actually be my only weekend that is completely off for another month, so I will be taking full advantage of it with lots of sleeping and Netflix.

For now, I wanted to share a little adventure we all took Friday morning. As much as I complain about hating Long Island, I usually exclude the East End, home to vineyards, orchards, cute little farmhouses, and the Hamptons. Since it's fall, what better way to celebrate than to go apple picking?

As I mentioned, Clarissa visited this weekend (finally!) and I wanted to her a) meet my friends and b) experience something fun on Long Island. So we all piled into the car and headed out east.

We could not have picked a more beautiful day to be outside- the weather was perfect, as we're still in the middle of our Indian Summer, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky the entire day. We hopped on the Apple Express (we all turn into children when you let us loose, so of course we wanted to ride on the express) that took us around to the back of the orchard, where they had just opened up new lanes for the morning. Armed with our quarter-peck bags eager to be stuffed, we hurried into the orchard! 

Emi captured this amazing photo of me- I'm in love! Time in invest in a fancy new camera? I think so.

Photo cred to Emi.

How cute is this candid? I stole it from Amanda's lovely blog (which you should all follow!).

Photo credits to Emi and her schnazzy camera. 

Fun fact: Clarissa actually hated the texture of apples up until this morning, because who can resist a fresh, juicy apple that you picked with your own hands? 

Outfit details: Bag, vintage Coach. Hat, Vineyard Vines. Sunglasses, Ray-Bans. Boots, Coach. Jacket and shirt, Ross.

It's not a trip to the country without an apple cider donut and a few honey sticks! While I didn't get my roasted corn, I guess that means I'll have to take another trip!

After our bags and bellies were full, we drove up and down Sound Avenue, the main road that is home to countless little farm stands and orchards, where we found a few flowers, pumpkins, delicious iced coffee, and another Harbes family stand with a few attractions that were definitely meant for children, but like I said, when has age ever stopped us?

I love seeing my friends from home and my school friends getting to know each other, and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. If you're in New York this season, make a trip out east, you will not regret it!

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