Friday, October 31, 2014

Rise of the Jackolanterns

For the record, I really hate surprises. Even worse, I hate knowing that a surprise is coming. It leaves me with too many questions (all of them superficial)- what do I wear? Are we inside? Outside? Where are we going? What are we doing? What do I need to do with my hair??

Even though I really can't stand surprises, Zac insisted on keeping our outing Wednesday night a secret, even if I did figure it out before we arrived.

On the grounds of the Old Westbury Gardens (which I have been dying to visit in the daytime) every year is the Rise of the Jackolanterns. Basically, a bunch of people with crazy amounts of talent get together, and carve pumpkins, fit them into different designs, and fill the garden with the pumpkin statues. The are dinosaurs, gangsters, the NYC skyline...well, you can see for yourself.

Yes, these are made of pumpkins!!

The dinosaurs were my favorite section of the walk. The sculptures were enormous and so elaborately carved that I can't imagine how long it took to put them together.

This entire tree is filled with smaller pumpkins! 

We weren't supposed to take photos while waking through the tree tunnel to the second half, but that's never stopped me. 

The first half was very eclectic, switching from New York-themed pumpkins, Broadway, dinosaurs, Disney princesses, and sports stars, with a little section at the end dedicated to all the stars who passed away this year. Then, you are led through a red-lit tree tunnel to Part 2, which was completely under-the-sea themed.

Typical, talking through all of my pictures...

Even though it is starting to get colder (cue Game of Thrones reference), I'm glad to be able to do fun fall things with all of my friends and break out all of my fall outfits! If only this weather could last...

Tonight our whole group is headed to the Old Bethpage Village Restoration, so y'all can expect a new post over the weekend! I hope everyone has a happy Halloween, I can't wait to share my costume!

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