Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On the Steps of The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of my favorite places in New York. I have always loved art and going to museums, and living in a city full of celebrated art houses is a dream! This is my second trip to the Met this year, just because I love it so much! My next goal is to make trips to other museums in the city, including the Guggenheim, the MoMA, and the Neue Gallerie.

My mom came to visit this week, and I was so excited to be able to explore with her and spend time together! Friday we headed into the city with Lauren for the museum, Central Park, and great food with great people.

So happy my mom got to visit for an entire week!

I am obsessed with Impressionist painters- it's my favorite style of painting and seeing several rooms full of nothing but my favorite artists was almost overwhelming! Just look at the colors in this Manet!

This Renoir girl and I have very similar poses.

Van Gogh is one of my favorite painters, I freaked out a little over the rooms dedicated to his works and seeing his self-portrait!

Maybe it's my history with dancing, but I have always admired Degas. His sculptures, paintings, and drawings dedicated to the art of ballet and the ballerinas of the Paris Opera are breathtaking. 

One of my other favorite galleries is the recently renovated Near Eastern gallery, full of ancient Islamic art. Everything is ornate and elaborately decorated, like this prayer niche (above). 

This guy laying down drove me crazy- you're amongst amazing works of art get up and get off your phone!

The Great Hall of the Met. I think what I really love about the museum is that it is a beautiful old building with so much history. People go to museums to see art, but the fact that the place housing the art is a work of art in itself makes me love spending a day at the Met. 

Outfit details: Hat, vintage. Vest, Ross. Sweater, Kensie. Skirt, H&M. Boots, Target. Purse, Kate Spade. 

I had to take the stereotypical Gossip Girl picture with Lauren on the steps!

We had to make a trip back to El Centro- I can't get enough! It's hard to find good Mexican food in New York, so if you're like me and are looking for something authentic and delicious, hit up this adorable little spot, previously seen here. 

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