Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Zeta Phi Eta- Beta Than You

"I'm in a fraternity."

"Don't you mean a sorority?"

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this I could pay off my dues! I am a member of Zeta Phi Eta, a pre-professional, co-ed fraternity for communications majors (there are several others for all kinds of majors). It gets a little confusing, especially when I post about it on Facebook, wear my letters, or tell potential students about it while giving tours of the school. And while it gets confusing, I absolutely love my fraternity.

Saturday was Big/Little Day, where we exchange gifts with our littles. They already know who their bigs are and what their pledge names are- they found out at initiation- but this was when we could all swap the crafts we have been working on for the past few weeks!

My lovely little, Geneva (we are the travel tree so I named her after the Swiss city) went all out and literally made me a crate full of gifts!

The reason I look so ridiculous in this picture is this: she found out I was her big by reading a quote, and I read the other half (cute, right??). We told the newbies they were going to read half the quote and their big would read the other half. Her slip of paper only had the first half of the quote on it, but she misunderstood and only read half of her paper, so the quote didn't really make sense but it ended up being cute! On the back of this painted owl (I'm obsessed with owls), she wrote the messed up quote!! I thought it was so, so sweet. 

I was like a little girl on Christmas morning going through all of my gifts! This is only a peek at some of the wonderful things she made/bought for me!

Outfit details: Shirt, Kennar. Chinos, Tommy Hilfiger. Shoes, Kenneth Cole Reaction. Necklace, vintage. Earrings, Betsey Johnson.

My twin and her little!

The new Gamma class!

(some of) my awesome Beta class. See, it's coed there's one of our boys!

I love my twin, I love my little, I love my big (even though she's gallivanting across Europe, Turkey, and Morocco this semester!), and I am in love with being in Zeta. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I have made some incredible friends since last semester. Tonight we held our Spring Internship Panel, our first big organization since starting our chapter last semester, and it was a huge success! We had a great turnout and I am so proud of everyone! 

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