Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Is The Social Media Editor Dead?

Considering I'm starting a social media internship on Monday, I found this article on Buzzfeed fascinating. If you're not familiar with Buzzfeed, they usually assemble humorous lists, such as "Amanda Bynes Calling People Ugly (Presented By Judgmental Huskies)." But they also feature real articles, such as this one by staff writer Rob Fishman, titled, "The Social Media Editor is Dead."

But is it? The article makes a convincing argument for both sides. While social media-related jobs are on the rise (while newspaper jobs are sinking), there is also a growing realization that one person cannot be in charge of all social media. Every journalist needs to be in charge of their own social media accounts, building up not only their own brand but the brand of the company.

Even if you don't care about getting a journalism job, this was a really interesting article.

I'm definitely looking forward to getting to work on Monday and seeing what everyone in my department thinks about this article, and where journalism and social media go from here.

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