Monday, July 28, 2014

The Perot

After months of driving past and saying, "I want to go to the Perot museum!" (because I do say that), we finally visited! For those of you who don't live in Dallas, the Perot, or Perot Museum of Nature and Science, opened in 2012 and has become one of the most popular museums in town. Probably because it houses a lot of exhibits that you can touch, which is a draw for both small children and a group of rowdy college kids.

The view from the museum.

We stopped for lunch before heading to the museum, and since we all share a mutual obsession with Mexican food (we're Texans, it's required) we headed to Velvet Taco's Dallas location; I have already blogged about my love for Velvet Taco so I had to introduce everyone else.  

Reece sat across from me in the 3rd grade and we've been friends ever since!

The beautiful Allie (her tacos don't look too bad either).

SO glad Jessi is finally back in America after living in Peru for 2 years!

In the Earth exhibit you could go through this little tunnel and pretend to be a prairie dog- we were waaayyy too big to fit but that's never stopped us before!

Channeling my inner weather girl. 

Whaddup, buddy?

Aaaand the frogs. There are a bunch of 'leapfrogs' set up right outside the museum in a sort of park, so naturally we had to climb on top of them. It makes for a great photo op and gives us all an excuse to act like little kids. 

You gotta kiss a few frogs to find your prince, right? Unfortunately this little rascal was just a regular old frog!

Outfit details: Dress, bought in Korea. Sandals, Tommy Hilfiger. Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters. Bracelets, all Charming Charlie

I had a blast in Dallas for the day with the crew, as we have taken to calling ourselves (even though some of the crew is missing!). I could not have survived high school without these crazy people, and I'm so glad we have all stayed friends. 

The Perot is a blast, especially if you have kids, or you can be like us and act like kids! It's fun to be able to play around for a day and pretend we're not almost-adults in the real world. I'd love to head back to the Perot and explore a little more!

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