Wednesday, July 16, 2014

South Korea Part 6

I know, I know, I've been home for two weeks and I haven't finished my Korea posts. Summer makes me super lazy/a bad blogger but I'm getting through it!

Like I said last time, week 2 was a little less stressful (and I got lazy with my picture taking) so posts are getting shorter.

We left Seoul and headed out to Oak Valley resort, which coincidentally is near where the Winter Olympics will be held in 2018! The resort is home to a museum that hosts a really impressive art collection (but Lydia and I will take any excuse to visit a museum!), where some of James Turrell's artwork was exhibited (it's completely sold out in L.A. even after it ends!). I had never heard of Turrell, but let's just say, it was AMAZING. Since no pictures were allowed inside, here's a few shots of the museum grounds, which are equally impressive.

My view for lunch. Can you believe this??

Remember those mounds from Gyeongju? These stone sculptures are inspired by the ancient graves, and wind down the path that leads to the Turrell exhibit. 

I really loved visiting the museum, even if we did have to sprint back to Seoul as soon as we were finished. Sorry for the quick post, next we'll head up to the border for our trip to the Demilitarized Zone!

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