Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mapping It Out

I'm home!! I am WAYYY behind on blogging and have so many trips to write about, but first I wanted to share all the places that I visited this semester! Between January 28 and June 8, I visited 13 countries, including the Netherlands, 31 cities, and 2 continents. I heard 10 different languages, took thousands of pictures, and saw so many things that could never be captured in a photograph.

I am still processing this semester, but I am going to attempt to put at least some of my thoughts down into a post, but until then, you can see where I went, and scroll through the blog (everything is under my 'Travel' tab) and see photos of all the places on the map. I'm still going through some of my photos and I have so many things left to write about, so keep reading and I hope everyone has enjoyed following along with my adventures (and misadventures) this semester!

Make yours @
Note: This map includes Italy, which I did not visit this semester but I visited in 2010! 

The next map shows all the cities I visited, and you can zoom in and out if you want a closer look!

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