Thursday, April 2, 2015


My favorite month is finally here!!! I did a big post last year at the beginning of April and it amazes me to see how much has seems like it was just a few months ago! Number 5 on my list was about waiting to hear back from Amsterdam...and look how things turned out!

This is my favorite month for a few reasons- my birthday is in April, it's the (real) beginning of spring, the weather starts to change for the better, and everyone just seems to cheer up a little! Even on rainy April days I still get excited for the May flowers that are coming...

This April is particularly special, for just a few reasons.

1. I'm living in Amsterdam. I don't think that needs an explanation. This is probably my best April yet.

2. I'm turning 21. Not that it matters in Europe, but I still think I'll feel like more of an adult, especially once I'm back in the states.

3. I'm headed to Paris! Zac, Lydia, and I are jetting off to Paris Saturday morning for a few days. I've been itching to get back to Paris since I visited 4 years ago and it's finally happening! I can't wait to spend Easter weekend in one of my favorite cities with two of my favorite people.

4. I've started a new semester, a new set of classes, a new chance to learn in a completely different setting than what I'm used to.

5. Flowers. The flowers here are so, so, so cheap, and I bought this beautiful bouquet of hot pink roses for 3 euro ($3.22)! I love that the sun is shining and the grocery store is always filled with flowers.

This semester started out pretty rough, and I knew it was going to be difficult, but I managed to make it to my favorite month, and now I love this place more than ever.

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