Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In Bruges (and Brussels)

Continuing with our whirlwind trip to Belgium, here's the pictures from Bruges and Brussels! Like Ghent, we knew very little about Bruges, other than the fact that people kept saying we needed to visit.

To tell the truth, I definitely prefer Ghent over Bruges. Yes, Bruges is beautiful and old, but Ghent is so medieval and unique compared to most other cities.

Side note: I have never seen In Bruges but everyone keeps telling me I need to especially after visiting. Movie night soon?

When we left the train station, we found Bruges dead quiet and nearly empty. Sundays in Europe aren't exactly the busiest days...but it makes for better pictures without throngs of tourists in the shot. 

Hogwarts or Belgium?

I saw a few sites mention that Bruges was the 'Venice of the North' because of it's canals. However, Amsterdam is the true 'Venice of the North,' and has way more canals than Bruges. You can definitely see more of the city on foot than you could by boat, where in Amsterdam you will be fine either way. 

While Ghent stole our hearts, Bruges was charming. I think both cities would be better on a Saturday or even a weekday when more shops and exhibits are open. But pictures always come out better on empty streets!

Speaking of things being closed, I only have a few photos from Brussels because, well, everything (read: all the museums) are closed on Mondays. This was probably poor planning on our part, but we wanted to take advantage of our day trips. Still, we made our own fun and wandered around.

I feel like this semester is starting to whiz by- we're already into March and Belgium feels like it was months ago instead of just two weeks ago. I have quite a few trips planned already, and I can't wait to share my travels throughout the semester!

If anyone has suggestions for Prague I would love to know because I'm currently clueless! But stay tuned for more posts, coming soon!

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