Friday, February 6, 2015

Amsterdam Updates!

Hello from Amsterdam!

Sorry for the radio silence, I JUST got wifi (and connected it all by myself!), but I wanted to update everyone so far.

I'm officially done with my first week of classes! The school system here is very different, so I only take 2 classes at a time- we switch halfway through the semester and I take 2 new classes- so I'm only in class 3 days a week for 2 hours. However, this gives me tons of time to explore my new city! I bought a bike (!!!!) and while I am painfully slow I've realized how necessary a bike is in this city. I've even become pretty skilled at locking and unlocking while keeping my gloves on.

Sorry that this post is more wordy than photo-heavy, those will come soon enough! Be assured, Amsterdam is beautiful, but since I'm usually whipping around on my bike I can't stop to take it all in with my camera. But I'm headed south to Zaanse Schans this weekend with the university's international program, and next weekend we're off to Rotterdam and the Hague! So be ready for a flurry of photos as I test out my new camera (thanks to Amanda for the suggestion!).

For now, here's a little glimpse of my home for the next 4 months.

The canal next to my apartment.

My bike! The only way I can find it in the crowd is the pink stripe and obnoxious pink bell!

I may or may not have yelled, "Those are the houses from Pinterest!" 

My mom and I were super confused as to why all the buildings were crooked or leaning forward. But during our boat cruise with all the international students they explained that many buildings lean forward because, since houses and staircases were so narrow, all houses had a hook on the top floor that they would use to haul cargo/furniture/anything else from the street up into the house and through the windows! Many houses lean forward so that the cargo wouldn't hit the facade of the house on the way up! This method isn't really used anymore, but most houses still have the hook hanging from the little bar that sticks out at the top! Still no word on why so many houses are tilted so far to the side...if anyone knows I would love to hear!

My first Vlaamse Frites with Belgian mayo!

I just took this photo on the way home from the "shop." The weather here has (thankfully) been beautiful. There are no clouds today at all, but don't let the blue skies fool you, it's still chilly!

If anyone has been to/lived in Amsterdam and has suggestions on where to eat, what to do, or sights that I must see, let me know!! I'm excited to get to know my new home!


  1. Gah you're so cute, looove the outfit! I'm so excited for you! There's a nice restaurant by Vondelpark and quite close to Museumplein called The Seafood Bar. They had a good wine list and the waitstaff was lovely, although I don't think I met an unfriendly person in that whole city...
    And if you ever happen by De Bijenkorf (THE department store) at Dam Square, the top floor has a beautiful food-court-style restaurant with all different kinds of cuisines. The neighbourhood street markets are also quite fun! Have fun! Stay safe! See you in 2 MONTHS!! xx

  2. Oh I've already found de Bijenkorf ;) can't wait to see you!!!