Monday, December 29, 2014

What's In My Bag: Travel Edition

With the holidays ending and everyone hitting the road, there comes the dilemma of what to take in your purse while traveling, especially when you're taking a plane. As someone who spends a lot of decent amount of time on a plane traveling from TX to NYC, I am constantly switching my school bag or my internship bag into a carry-on bag.

The carry-on is something every one should master, even if you don't travel very often. Since I will be abroad next semester I really have to get this down (looking at you, discount airlines). So, here are my absolute must-haves when on the road.

What's In My Bag: Travel

For shorter trips (a week or less, but it always depends on where I am going) I like to bring just my iPad since I can do pretty much everything on it, I have a portable keyboard, and it holds all my books. For longer trips, I bring my laptop, but now that I have a MacBook Air (which weighs nothing) I find myself bringing it along more and more.

That little pink stick is the greatest invention ever- a portable charger. My dad bought one for me online (unsure of the brand but this one is similar) and I bring it everywhere. It's great for long day trips into the city where chargers are scarce or long plane rides with unreliable seat outlets. It has saved me many, many times.

I always have sunglasses with me, even if it's cloudy. These Ray Ban club masters are my new obsession and I can't stop wearing them!

Since I jumped on the blanket scarf trend over Thanksgiving (I have this one from Charlotte Russe, right now it's only $5!!) I have been wearing mine nearly every day. I love bringing scarves on planes to use as a shawl, blanket, pillow, or just to hide my static-y plane hair.

Pretty much everything else here can always be found in my purse (even the M&Ms, sometimes you need a snack!). I bought this Anne Klein bag for $20, unused, at a resale store and it has become my go-to bag- it's even big enough to fit my laptop!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and you all have a Happy New Year!

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