Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tips and Tricks: Travel Style

There is nothing worse than being on a plane for several hours in an uncomfortable outfit, or lugging your overstuffed suitcase through the terminal in inappropriate shoes. Looking good when traveling is something that takes more effort than one would think- you don't want to show up in your pajamas but you also can't be expected to travel in cocktail attire. So, I've put together a few traveling outfit options to ensure you look cute and comfortable while up in the air.

on the road

1. A big, comfy sweater is a necessity since planes always seem to be much colder than you expect. 


2. I usually have a thing about wearing dresses/skirts/shorts on public transportation, but a knee-length flowy dress can be soooo much more comfortable than pants. I'm also in love with this iPad case that also holds your phone and headphones. Note the denim jacket; I don't think I have ever taken a trip where I didn't bring mine along. It goes with pretty much every single outfit, keeps you warm and stylish at the same time, and is a perfectly timeless piece. 

comfy travel

3. I'm really digging the pineapple trend lately, and everyone loves a good graphic tee. And who can travel without a classic pair of sunglasses?

While everyone has different styles, not just for traveling, I tried to put together a few things that work for almost anyone. Even though you will probably never see most of your traveling companions again, make a good impression! If nothing, the flight attendants might be nicer if you're well dressed. 

As summer winds down, I'll have less and less to post about, but I'll be back at school in just a few weeks (eeek!!!) so hopefully I can kick it back into gear! This semester is going to be a little crazy, between my jobs, my internship, classes, and all my clubs, but I can't wait to see what the fall has in store for me!

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  1. Love it! (Especially the iPad case - I usually use one to store all my bits and bobs at arms-reach while my carry-ons are stowed away, so it's perfect!) An addition I would add to this list is a big scarf. It can be used as a blanket, folded into a pillow, twisted into a neck pillow, hide a sleeping face and messy, static-y plane hair, and generally keep you cosy! xx