Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Co-ed's Closet

Before starting college last fall, my biggest concern was not moving far away or pulling all-nighters; my fear was how my style would change. All through high school, I wore dresses or skirts almost every day, often paired with heels. I was comfortable and cute and it was easy. However, when I was packing up my clothes (pulled from multiple closets), I wondered if I would change. I certainly couldn't wear heels to class since I'd be traipsing across campus, outdoors, in uncontrollable weather.

As you can see, my fears last semester were irrational; these are 'normal' outfits for class.

Dress, TJ Maxx; blazer, Forever 21; tights, Target; shoes (not pictured), TJ Maxx; necklace, Tiffany & Co.

Jacket, Michael Kors; coral jeans, Ross; boots, Target; hat, Target; striped top, TJ Maxx; purse, Coach.

Colored jeans have become my signature over the last couple of years- I own over a dozen pairs in all colors/styles/fabrics. I love them; they go with anything and everything, which makes getting ready in the morning (especially at 8 am) a little easier.

Speaking of my 8 am class, let's talk a little bit about dressing cute at such an awful hour. I was forced to take an 8 am this semester, as it is a pre-req for every other journalism class I need (sob). I spent the last couple of months panicking that I would sleep through it (as I slept through a 10 am last semester about 3 times) or end up looking like a hobo. Now, granted, no one is expected to look perfect for a college class at 8 am, but I have spent almost 19 years building a reputation for myself as the girl who always looks put-together. So, here's an example of what one of my roommates called "comfy chic."

Shirt, Polo (stolen from my brother); skirt, H&M; boots, Target; thermal tights, TJ Maxx; earrings, Betsey Johnson.

I think this is probably enough for right now, hopefully everyone enjoyed this! Many more college fashion tips to come!!

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